Michael’s Story

Michael is a fifth generation born and raised Michigander who has strived to live the life that his proud, hard-working parents fought to give him. Michael and his wife, Angela, have protected the inherited values of family, dedication, and perseverance, and passed them on to their four children.

A servant’s heart leads Michael, and has encouraged him to pursue a better future for Michigan’s children and grandchildren. Michael’s primary goal is to earn your trust, your confidence, and your vote. He believes that an open, honest, and balanced approach to policy will lead to the restoration of Trust, Liberty, and ultimately, to greater Happiness.

Meet Michael Hoover, a dedicated and passionate Michigander with a heart for families and a vision for a brighter future. From a young age, Michael understood the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverancevalues which he has carried with him throughout his entire life.

With a successful career at Dow Chemical Company under his belt and a string of thriving small businesses, Michael has contributed greatly to the health and prosperity of Michigan. He’s introduced innovative solutions such as the use of recycled plastics in the automotive industry, turned blighted houses into homes, and preserved a family-owned recycling center for his community.

Michael’s commitment to giving back is evident through his support of global, national, and local non-profits, including Mully Children’s Family, Berston Field House, City Rescue of Michigan, and the Pass It On Community Center.

“Michigan deserves a better future. Let’s build it together.”

-Michael Hoover

As a first-time candidate for the Senate, Michael brings a fresh, common-sense perspective and a spirit of diligence and determination to the fight. He is committed to promoting the good of our state and our nation, where liberty is restored as the foundation of a flourishing society, and where Americans can pursue happiness as they see fit.

While Michael’s life hasn’t always been easy, his commitment to the well-being of his family, friends, and neighbors has never wavered. He recognizes that future generations are facing a government that has made it nearly impossible for them to have a better life than their parents and grandparents. He’s ready to work tirelessly to turn things around with honest, decent, and fair policies that pave the way for our children, our communities, our state, and our nation to grow and prosper.

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