Energy Security

Why it Matters:

One of the biggest contributors to America’s economic health is energy production and distribution. When it comes to energy, our state and nation need to prioritize diverse sources of energy in order to increase overall energy security while reducing reliance on any particular source of energy, foreign or domestic.

Where I Stand:

  • Restore our energy independence, providing Americans the security of reliable power for their homes and businesses.
  • Expand responsible domestic oil and gas production by investing in cleaner technologies that continue to provide robust sources of reliable energy with minimal environmental impact.
  • Promote the use of safe, reliable, low-emission advance reactor technology to improve air quality and increase energy diversity.
  • Support the development of dependable, cost-efficient energy sources and technologies that are truly good for the environment.
  • Incentivize energy-efficient and energy-saving practices across every energy sector as well as in homes, businesses, and government-wide.