Promote Local Agriculture

Why it Matters:

I grew up working on farms, spending many summers caring for livestock and bailing hay and straw. There’s nothing better than the fresh air, growing whole foods, and working with farmers. A strong and prosperous agricultural industry serves as the backbone of our nation and our state’s economy. My overarching goal will be to provide stability and security for Michigan’s farmers and ranchers.

Where I Stand: 


  • Promote free and fair trade policies that allow Michigan farmers and ranchers to access global markets and sell their products to the highest bidder.
  • Reduce Biden’s Admin regulatory burdens that make it harder for farmers to do their jobs and hinder their growth.
  • Support local farmers by championing their ability to easily reach and serve their local customers.
  • Ensure Michigan’s food security by making our nation’s food supply homegrown, affordable, and diversified.
  • Promote innovation and technology through creative grant and funding programs which will allow for investment in new facilities, equipment.
  • Encourage development of innovative and environmentally conscious technologies that increase efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.