Protect Our Families

As a father and a businessman, Michael understands the importance of putting families first. Michigan families deserve to feel secure and protected, which is why Michael is dedicated to addressing the problems that threaten their safety and well-being.

    Protecting Marriage

    The Problem:

    • Marriage rates in the U.S. have declined 60% over the past 50 years.
    • The institution of marriage is no longer viewed as vital.
    • Current marriage welfare laws effectively penalize low-income mothers & fathers.
    • Americans are being forced to comply with mandates & policies that go against their beliefs.
    • Welfare incentives go against the institution of marriage and discourage the family unit.
    Michael’s Solution:
    • End the anti-marriage penalty for low income moms and dads. We need to restore the family unit in lower-income communities allowing for the natural incentive to become self-sufficient.
    • Protect freedom and the rights of families to live, speak, act, and worship according to their beliefs, peacefully and publicly.
    • Restructure welfare assistance to incentivize parents to get and stay married, while simultaneously uplifting and supporting single parents with compassion and practical assistance.

    Protecting Children

    The Problem:

    • The Government is increasingly trying to undermine and usurp the role of parents.
    • Schools have become increasingly dangerous places, where children are captive audiences for critical theory indoctrination & activist recruiting.
    • Gender ideology has infected academia, athletics, and the health care industry.
    • Big tech actively seeks to addict children and young people to their products and has gone soft on protecting children from dangerous online communities.

    Michael’s Solution:

    • Restore the role of parents as the primary educators of their children.
    • Demand greater transparency from schools regarding curriculum, instruction, and school safety, and hold the leadership of failing schools and districts accountable.
    • Protect the integrity of women’s sports.
    • Criminalize all forms of so-called “gender affirming care”.
    • Ban infinite scrolling and random rewards technology for kids under 14.
    • Create a national “No Screen Day” to raise awareness of tech damage to children.

    Protecting our Communities

    The Problem:

    • Law enforcement has been demonized by the media and politicians. Countless law enforcement positions are left unfilled.
    • Over 5.5 Million people have entered our country illegally under Biden. Many are repeat offenders of serious crimes.
    Michael’s Solution
    • Maintain Law and Order – It’s important to ensure strict enforcement of existing laws and to prosecute criminals, preventing them from causing further harm to society.
    • Support Law Enforcement – Allocate additional resources to increase recruitment, training, and retention of law enforcement officers.
    • Secure our Border – To safeguard our country, we need to employ technology, border personnel, and physical barriers to secure our borders from individuals who may pose a threat to our citizens, especially our children.